Mike d'Arnaud (goodolmike) wrote,
Mike d'Arnaud

Epic Weekend

jpinsd and I had quite an epic weekend.

Friday, after work, we drove up to Palm Springs to visit ricksf's beautiful PS home. We had a very relaxing time swimming in the pool, reading chatting and dining. We even watched Star Wars on blu-ray. Great!

238/366 Greetings from Palm Springs

On Sunday, we headed up to Lake Arrowhead to meet up with my family. We stayed at the same cabins that my family did when we were little kids. It was wild going from a dessert atmosphere to a mountain atmosphere within just a few hours.

We took Monday off and spent some time at Lake Gregory. It was beautiful there. My brother and sister took their families out on the lake while we watched. It was so charming seeing the two families doing things that my family did when we were little. At one point, I started singing Circle of Life from The Lion King. Ha ha.

239/366 240/366

We got back to town Monday afternoon. It was a great weekend, but of course it was nice to be home.
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